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examples of perfect travel products to help keep you organized.

Perfect Travel Products to Keep You Organized

I am always looking to find the perfect travel products to keep me organized and make my life easier.  These travel items aid in ensuring that I do not over-pack on local or international trips.  That said, there are several essential travel products I feel are worth being on anyone’s packing list. 

Airline Personal Item Perfect Travel Products

Although over half of the international carriers do not specify a size restriction for a personal item, some carriers do.   Personal item size restrictions range anywhere from 4”x11.8”x15.75” to 8”x10”x13” for the airlines that state a restriction.  Therefore, I purchased the following different sizes/styles of perfect travel products that work for me, depending on the length of the trip.

Lug RFID Puddle Jumper Special Edition Overnight Bag

The Lug Puddle Jumper travel bag keeps me organized while on a plane because of all the pockets (both inside and out).  Also, it has soft-lined pockets to carry my iPad and phone, and is the perfect size for my camera equipment.  There are side slip pockets for all my other personal items, including front and back zip pockets.  In addition, this bag has double straps and a removable cross-body strap.

PacSafe Metrosafe LS250 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

The PacSafe Metrosafe is one of the most perfect travel products for carrying several types of electronics. I have a similar, but older PacSafe model that is no longer available (with compartments made for carrying a camera).  It has the same RFID blocking pocket to protect passport and cards and a cut-resistance sewn-in mesh lined exterior.  I love the secure zipper clip closure to protect from tampering, along with the reinforced cut-resistant stainless steel strap.  There are many internal pockets to keep your stuff organized, a pen loop, and my iPad fits perfectly.  The thing I love most: the water bottle pocket and umbrella pocket on the outside.

PacSafe Citysafe CS100 Anti-Theft Cross-Body

For shorter airplane trips and trips where my camera can be stored safely in my carry-on, I use the smaller PacSafe Citysafe cross-body purse with RFID protection. The smart security zipper, slashguard shoulder strap, and its lightweight, durable fabric make this one of the most perfect travel products.  Although a little late, I bought one of these handbags for my Mom after her wallet was stolen on our London trip. Gotta love that locking zipper!

Travelon Anti-Theft Hertiage Tour Bag

One of my most favorite cross-body bags is this versatile Travelon Heritage Tour bag.  Most importantly, it has locking zippered RFID blocking pockets, a padded pocket to hold my iPad, and a tethered key clip to hold my flashlight/whistle combo.  This perfect travel product has two mesh expansion side pockets for water bottles, sunglasses, or umbrellas.  And it has an adjustable (14”-25”) cross-body strap.  Too, I loved this bag for its durable cotton canvas construction, beautiful rich suede trim, and pinstriped lining.

Perfect Travel Products – Backpacks

High Sierra Pro Series Travel Backpack

Oddly enough, on my trip to Finland, I was limited to a “personal item” and a checked bag, with no carry-on allowed. I purchased this backpack so that I would not arrive at my destination without at least a few back-up clothing items. This High Sierra Travel backpack is one of my perfect travel products, combining the personal item with a carry-on.  The versatility offers enough room for an outfit, shoes, sleepwear, toiletries, camera, etc. in the zippered suitcase area.  And it has the normal zippered front pockets for all my wallet, passport, phone, iPad, book, etc.  Moreover, I carry this bag like a backpack or by the handle like a small suitcase.

Accessories and Organizational Perfect Travel Products

Hotel rooms in older European cities often have a limited amount of surface space to lay out your items (like in Paris, Old Istanbul, etc.). As a result, I tend to buy products that are more vertical, more mobile, or in some way a space saver. I only buy organizational perfect travel products that help me utilize space efficiently, since space is always a factor.

Lewis N. Clark Day/Night Pill Organizer

The Lewis N. Clark Day/Night pill organizer is one of the flattest pill cases there is on the market.  And it’s one that comes with something that most people forget to travel with – a medical information card that lists doctors, medications, allergies, shots, etc.  On my trip to Petra, I ate something that gave me hives all over my body that lasted days.  Consequently, the hotel concierge phoned for their local physician to aid me in getting rid of the rash.  The doctor appreciated that I had all the information regarding my medical history and stated that he had never met a tourist that carried all the appropriate information with them.  Of course, he said he wished more travelers carried their information along with their pills.

Above all, this pill organizer has 16 individually numbered, removable slide-lock pouches. On travel days, I put that day’s individual pouch in a pocket or my purse to take on the plane.  And I use any extra pouches for vitamins or other emergency medications.

Travelon Hanging Toiletry Kit – Quilted

Many of the beautiful older hotels that I have stayed in, like the Copenhagen Plaza Hotel, do not have a large counter space in the bathroom.  Accordingly, I hang my Travelon Hanging Toiletry Kit from its metal hook over a nearby door or by the vanity off the towel bar.  I love the many great zippered pockets and compartments that provide not only organization, but have elastic loops that hold bottles upright.  It comes in a variety of colors and prints made from polyester fabric.

Vera Bradley Iconic 4 Piece Cosmetic Set

This Iconic 4-Piece Cosmetic Set is a must-have to carry all the cosmetics items I need.   The three smaller cotton cosmetic holders fit nicely inside the larger clear PVC bag to keep them together or each can be used separately.  In truth, the smaller long bag holds all my make-up brushes perfectly.

American Flyer Fleur de Lis 3-Piece Packing Cube Set

Packing cubes are not created equal!  The American Flyer Packing Cubes make perfect travel products because of their handles, sturdy corners, and mesh tops for ventilation. In particular, I keep my clothes in these cubes when transferring them to hotel drawers or closets.  Certainly, I can pack better having multiple sizes of these packing cubes because I can fit them in where the space is best utilized.

Vera Bradley Iconic Ditty Bag

I use the Vera Bradley Iconic Ditty Bags to pack my shoes because of their drawstring closures and waterproof lining.  They keep my shoes from getting my clothes dirty and can be used for keeping socks/accessories with the shoes.  Furthermore, ditty bags can double as a beach bag for sunscreen, paperback, etc. to take to the beach, if needed.

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