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This picture shows the outside of the Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland so that people get an idea of what it looks like. It has street parking and parking in the back.

Hotel Review: Eyja Guldsmeden Reykjavik Hotel

The Reykjavik Hotel Eyja Gulsdsmeden is in the heart of the city on Brautarholt right off the main street of Laugavegur.  I found the hotel easy to get to from the main highway when I arrived in Iceland and easy to venture out from to see other parts of the island.  I was extremely impressed […]

View of the artful mosaic Map of Madaba in the Church of St, George.

The Artful Mosaics of Madaba

I watched a television show last year about the artful mosaics of Madaba on one of the travel or history channels.  The modern Arab city of Madaba is about 45 minutes south of Jordan’s capital city of Amman and 30 minutes from the Queen Alia International Airport (Amman Airport).  Visiting Petra and Jerash were my […]

View of the Colonnaded street of the ancient ruins of Jerash

Ancient Ruins of Jerash

The historic ancient ruins of Jerash are about an hour drive straight north of Amman, Jordan.  Most tourists focus on visiting Petra (and who could blame them) when traveling to Jordan.  But then visitors underestimate the time needed in Jordan and miss the other amazing attractions this country has to offer, like the ancient roman […]

Aerial View of Kilkenny Ireland

Things to do in Kilkenny, Ireland

There are so many things to do in Kilkenny, Ireland, like attending the Kilkenny Arts Festival held every August.  I visited Kilkenny mainly because of its rich medieval history and because it was once considered an unofficial capital of Ireland.  But other than the festival, there are so many other things to do in Kilkenny […]

examples of perfect travel products to help keep you organized.

Perfect Travel Products to Keep You Organized

I am always looking to find the perfect travel products to keep me organized and make my life easier.  These travel items aid in ensuring that I do not over-pack on local or international trips.  That said, there are several essential travel products I feel are worth being on anyone’s packing list.  Airline Personal Item […]

Stylish Walking Shoes for Travel

I had always been looking for stylish walking shoes for travel since I had suffered with plantar fasciitis for years.  Those who has ever had foot pain like this knows how it can limit your travel experiences without the right shoes. I found three great brands that eliminated that issue for me. Of course everyone […]

Things to See in Luxor, Egypt

Once known as the ancient Egyptian city of Waset or by the Greek name Thebes, the city of Luxor in Upper Egypt offers so many things to see.  Most visitors to Egypt flock to see the pyramids, but I wanted to see all the other popular temples and tombs.  Before leaving the US, I booked […]

City attraction cards are used by many international cities - shows the Paris Museum Pass.

City Attraction Savings Cards

Many cities are finding it useful to offer city savings cards to entice more tourists to come visit and potentially stay longer.  I have been a strong advocate of making the most of each day and of course, saving money.  In addition, most offer a free downloadable guidebook that can help you plan your trip […]

Visit Petra for Its Many Trails and Monuments

A visit to Petra is at the top of many travelers’ bucket lists. Chiseled out of sandstone cliffs, the Nabataean city of Petra is more than the famous facade associated with the name.  There are nearly 25 miles of trails (eight trails) and numerous monuments within the Petra Archaeological Park. Entry gate personnel distribute park/trail […]

Keukenhof Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival Blooms Forth The historic Keukenhof Tulip Festival just bloomed and is ushering in this distinctive Dutch event. The Keukenhof Gardens is in the small town of Lisse, South Holland, The Netherlands. It is located about 30 minutes outside Amsterdam and only open for 7 weeks this year, from March 21 to May 10, […]