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This is a picture of my travel wall, showing pictures of all the countries I've been to along with a souvenir.

Ways to Feature Travel Photos

I love taking a thousand pictures on my trips and talking to everyone about various ways to feature travel photos when they get back from their trips.  Here are some of my favorite.

Travel Wall to Feature Travel Photos and Souvenirs

I started highlighting where I’ve been by collecting a small object like a plate, flag, etc. and hanging it on what I call my “travel wall” along with a picture of the country or city.  Every time I walk past that wall, I’m reminded of all the wonderful places my family has been.  And my souvenirs don’t take up much space in my suitcase.

This is a picture of my travel wall along with pictures of my family at religious world sites (e.g., St. Peter’s in Rome, Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, etc.) we had travelled to.
Special Travel Wall

Also, I had a certificate passed down to me that was signed by Pope Pius XII for my grandparent’s 25th wedding anniversary.  So, I hung it up on one wall along with pictures of my family at religious world sites (e.g., St. Peter’s in Rome, Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, etc.) we had travelled to.

Feature Travel Photos on a Candle

Picture of travel photos adhered to a candle to preserve trip memories.
Photo Candle

I found that I could put photos onto a candle by cutting them the size of metal scrapbooking frames. And then, I heated the frames with a blow dryer to adhere them to the wax.  I did this for all four sides of a square candle and gave the candle as a memory gift to my Mom.

Special Travel Photo Display

Picture of a special photo frame for travel to Paris.
Special Photo Display

I found this special photo frame that had a sign “Meet Me in Paris” hanging on the bottom frame.  And I thought it was perfect to put a picture of my daughter standing on top the Arc de Triomphe with the Eiffel Tower over her shoulder.

Feature Travel Photos on Scanned Muslin for a Memory Quilt

Picture of a memory quilt made with travel photos scanned onto fabric.
Travel Memory Quilt

With today’s technology, it is now easy to use your printer to scan your travel photos onto pre-cut sheets of paper-backed muslin sheets to use in designing a travel memory quilt.  My friend and I had season passes at the famous adventure park in California.  And for Christmas one year, she made me a quilt of all the pictures she took of us.  Best present ever!

Coffee Table Travel Photo Book

Picture of travel photos published into a coffee table book.
Coffee Table Travel Photo Book

I made a travel book for my Mom and myself to remember the sights of our trip to Greece and Turkey.  Consequently, Mom said it helped her relive the most exciting parts of the trip and was a nice keepsake of our time together. Make a travel book through Blurb to show pictures of your last trip.

Travel Photo Cards, Stationary, or Postcards

Picture of trip photos made into "thank you" cards.
Photo “Thank You” Cards

I met this great couple on the cruise I took in December 2019.  With this in mind, I created a dozen stationary cards to feature travel photos from our trip to use in writing them after.

Make a Calendar to Feature Travel Photos

Picture of a calendar made using travel photos.
Travel Calendar

Making calendars to relive the trips taken the previous year are a wonderful way to remember family vacations.  And I keep mine on my desk to remind me of people who were with me on the trips and often give them as gifts so they can share the memories too.

Shadow Boxes Featuring Travel Photos

This is a picture of shadow boxes made using travel photos.
Shadow Boxes using Travel Photos

I saw these decorated Italian salad bowls in my favorite kitchen store and noticed that my daughter and I had been to every location painted on the 4 different bowls.  Therefore, as decoration for my new house dining room, I had them mounted in shadow boxes along with pictures in those locations.  Our memories of being in Venice, Pisa, Rome, and Florence live on in those displays.

Scrapbooking Travel Photos

Picture of a scrapbook made of travel photos.
Scrapbook of Travel Photos

My sister and I started scrapbooking before it became popular.  And that was the first method I used to make sure my travel photos could be looked at year-after-year by my daughter as she grew up.  Rather than looking at boring albums full of plain photos, she liked seeing the scrapbooks and reading about the trips.  Also, she could see all the ephemera we collected while we were at the attractions (e.g., entrance tickets, pamphlets, etc.).

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