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Stylish Walking Shoes for Travel

My Favorite Brands

I had always been looking for stylish walking shoes for travel since I had suffered with plantar fasciitis for years.  Those who has ever had foot pain like this knows how it can limit your travel experiences without the right shoes. I found three great brands that eliminated that issue for me. Of course everyone is different, but it may be worth a try if you have suffered with foot pain like I once did. And I get the Vionic and Alegria brands all the time on sale at Dillard’s.

Vionic Brand

Some Vionic Styles

Before I went on a trip to Turkey in 2014, I was lucky enough to find a brand of walking shoes backed by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). These shoes looked like regular sneakers and not like orthotics.  From then on, my life had changed.  I now have Vionic brand walking shoes, sneakers, sandals, slippers, boots, and even wedges/heels.  I have never experienced foot pain again after wearing my first couple pairs for that trip! And I logged more than 20,000 steps per day that trip.

And when my mother had pain in her feet, I bought her a pair that suited her taste.  The same thing happened with my flat-footed 25+ year old daughter. Like most younger people, she would not be caught dead in a pair of orthotic-looking shoes.  But she loves her Vionic sneakers and wears them when she’ll be on her feet all day or for travel.  And if you already have a favorite pair of walking shoes, Vionic also has insoles you can slip inside them.

I have TSA-PreCheck and Global Entry allowing me to go through US airline security without taking off my shoes. However, I still have to take them off in other countries if I am changing planes or returning home.  Therefore, I always wear Vionic slip-on shoes during travel.   You can check out over 150 styles of Vionic women’s shoes (they have men’s too) at ShoeMall.

Alegria Brand

Some Alegria Styles

Also, a few years ago I was introduced to another absolutely heavenly brand of shoes called Alegria.  I love the TRAQ styles that have a chip within that keeps track of how many steps per day you take.  The comfort of these shoes is undeniable, with a foot bed that molds to the shape of your foot.  It is no wonder that this brand was well known by women in the health care and service industries who are on their feet all day. This brand uses the European sizing system.  View over 200 styles of Alegria at ShoeMall.

Rykä Brand

Some Rykä Styles

Another really comfortable brand of stylish walking shoes for travel is Rykä.  I like this shoe because of its roomier toe box area.  Rykä is made specifically for women and engineered for how women are biometrically different than men.  Look into over 200 styles of Rykä at ShoeMall.

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